Quick and dirty FEZ Lynx test

Mainly about unresolved external symbols. I think the problem is that I did not know exactly where to save all the source files etc.

By the way… just today my Lynx board arrived in the mail. So it would actually be very nice to get this to work. I will put in so more effort this weekend.

@ KiwiSaner - If you share the list of unresolved externals we would most likely be able to point you in the right direction. Typically at the link stage your problem is going to be one of the following, you did not at one or more of the lib files or you did not add one or more of the cpp files (but the prototype is available usually via a .h or .hpp) there are other possibilities, but given the GHI code one of the above is possibly your issue.

Hi TaylorZa. Again thanks for being so willing to help with this. So, I slowly went through all the instructions you provided and now I no longer have linker problems and the code finally runs.

However, I think I found one mistake in the original source code (after I pulled the latest source code from BitBucket).

In main_all.cpp there is a line that reads:

 #include "../../../modules/IO60P16/IO60P16.cpp"

I think it should read

 #include "../../../modules/ghi/IO60P16/IO60P16.cpp"

I suppose the above include would be sanitized a bit at some point and is only temporary, so its not a big deal.

@ KiwiSaner - It is a pleasure, I am glad you got it working. Thanks for posting the updated include path, I will retest this weekend with a fresh get of the library and update the code with the changes for the latest drop of the libraries from GHI.

They moved files around recently. It is possible that it is not finished yet. Just so you know :slight_smile:

There is still some serious workings going on in the library portion of Gadgeteering. Right now, it should be considered that the build scripts are of a non-working status. I updated the makefiles last night, but did not have a windows machine to update the batch script that handles the makefiles and sets up a nice clean package for distribution. The Linux scripts will run (if anyone has linux).

The batch file as well as documentation on how to properly execute them should be completed by end of day today.

The include file paths must be changed if you’ve got older code than sometime yesterday. I can’t tell you when (my apologies) we should have tagged the repo when we pushed the changed directory structure).

I would suggest that you copy your local git repository to a “working” build environment. Then when you pull from our repo, use diff to see what has changed.

We don’t always push complete changes, because more than one person may be working on code and we need to share and we’re not currently using branches.

A [em]stable[/em] version is available at https://www.ghielectronics.com/uploads/BetaLynxWindows.zip By “stable” I mean pieces in correct/consistent places, not necessarily bug free, not the same contents that will be in the finalized beta SDKs. The examples provided have correct include paths in relation to where the examples are located in the unzipped tree (“program” folder/Directory)

Glad to see you’re “kicking-the-tires”, keep the questions and comments coming !!

Thanks Jeff. I downloaded the betalynx version and tried the blink_w_all example. There was only one linker error:

error LNK1104: cannot open file 'C:\Users\GHI\Desktop\jeffFTDI\jefflynx\ToCustomers\Staging\mainboards\ghi\FEZLynxS4\lib\windows\i386\FTD2XX.lib'

But after fixing the path to the location of this on my PC in the linker additional depencies it compiled and linked correctly.

@ KiwiSaner - Thanks for finding that, next build of the beta SDK will have that fixed.