Questions about "FEZ Cobra Console Application"

I have built a bord by myself and the layout is on the basis of "FEZ Cobra Mainboard ".

I have 2 questions as follow:

Question 1:
I have installed the “Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.1 SDK” and “GHI NETMF v4.1 and .NET Gadgeteer Package” in ym Visual Studio.
why I don’t have the “FEZ Cobra Console Application” in Micro Framework (see picture)?

Question 2:
If I bulit a project for my board, which Console Application should I choose? “Nr. 1 Console Application” or “Nr. 2 FEZ Cobra Console Application”?(see picture)
what’s the diifferent between them?

Hi Workhard,

the templates come with the installation of the GHI SDK. So what I believe is going on here is that your SDK install is not working properly as you do not see the templates you should. That to me would trigger me to rip out the GHI SDK, the netmf SDK, and confirm that everything is removed (ie all templates are gone as is the netmf section in the left pane). Then, begin reinstalling the latest versions and checking that first the netmf section comes back after netmf SDK install, then that all the templates come back.

Your Second question, when to choose one or the other.

The template simply pre-loads some additional references to help get you started. So you could choose the standard template and then add the Cobra specific references, or you could choose the Cobra template and they’re already there; either way, you get a console app that you’ll most likely still need to add new references to, so it really is only shortcutting selecting the hardware specific stuff.