Question: Use a Wireless Usb adapter with usb host VS Wifi module

I am just starting out with gadgeteer and I have a couple of wireless Usb adapters laying around.
I wondered if there was a way to use one of these with a usb host module to communicate with gadgeteer rather then spending the money on a dedicated module.
Thanks for any help

Hi Beaman,

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The simple answer is no. These devices need drivers that link the IP protocol implementation in the NetMF to the device in use, and only certain drivers allow this to happen and generic USB wifi modules are all going to be different in how they do it so there’s no real way to cater for this. If you really want WiFi then the real GHI device, or WiFly device (search here for that too) is your best options

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A WiFy bridge is also an option.

Thank you both for your feedback, I suspected gadgeteer couldn’t due this because of the driver issue.
But, at least I know now for sure.
I will have to try and pickup a wifi module or bridge.
Thanks again
-Mark Beaman

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