Question: PANDA II touch v1.0 trouble

when I try to reach for the touchscreen, I can debug a solution in the emulator, but I can not debug it in the panda II
Is it possible that my brand new panda II is broken, My touch screen is lighted up (gray) and I have the latest firmware in the panda II and I can load in other solutions that manage LED’s, …

Can someone help?

That Bitmap class is not for Panda. Remove EMX assembly.

Here is the driver for FEZ Touch:

Welcome to the forum!

thanks alot it worked

I was afraid that my touch screen was broken

You are welcome! :slight_smile:

is it possible to draw with wpf the layout of the fez touch v1.0?

Not with WPF. But there is a library on codeshare that has required primitives to make UI developemnt easier for FEZ Touch