Question on modules

My project ideally needs 6 relays. I noticed there is a 16 relay module, but that is too big to fit inside the Cobra ii enclosure. I think it’s a little over 7" whereas the enclosure is only a little over 5". Is this module my only option short of attaching 6 of the module x 1 modules?

Also, is there a module that will offer a high, med and low speed, like to control a fan for example?

@ darqman - I don’t have an answer to your question, but I just wanted to complement you on your avatar image . 8)


Use the hub module

How much current do you need to push trough these relays?

With the size of 5.04" x 2.44" -

together with an Y socket could drive 7 of the relays. Those are Solid State Relays, but only 2A @ 250V

I was thinking about how much current he needed for the fans, since those relays only handle 2A, while the relay modules often handle 10A.

True - but as he asked about controlling a fan in low-mid-high mode, I guessed he already had a fan and knew the required power that fan would draw :wink: