Question about Visual Studio 2013 Pro

Should be simple but seems as though not for this guy!

For some reason (All of a sudden) I keep getting a Encoding Dialog when opening a file.

Not the end of the world thing but I find it annoying…

I searched but I could not find a way to correct this.

See Image for the dialog.


Kind of odd. Where are the files coming from? Some source management systems change line endings or strip the encoding sentinel bytes from the start of the file. Editing the files with some text editors (including notepad, if it is in the ‘wrong’ mode) will also strip sentinel bytes.

EDIT: Nevermind - Andre has the ticket.

@ andre.m -

Thanks for your reply.
Link did not help… BUT it got me pointed in the right direction.

Appears it had nothing to do with VS. Something (not me!) update/whatever changed my windows.

Corrected using: See GIF’s

By the way… Is there anything you do NOT know about? :slight_smile: