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Question about new Math Library


Guys - thanks for the new math class in the System namespace!

I wanted to know if you guys just took the MathEx that was publicly available and compiled it into a DLL or did you make some changes or corrections to it. I am asking because I did run into problems where the library threw errors when it should have not, or the calculations were not as accurate as the Microsoft Math libraries in standard .NET.



These is not correct. The library you mention is done in c# and it is also not made by math experts. On the other hand, our new library is done in a very optimized assembly/C code that is done by experts.
Do not compare the new GHI math library to the one you tried before :wink:


Since we are talking about the new math library, what is the best way to round a float to the hundredths?


Thank you for the update on the Math library. It sounds like (from your post) that you guys did it right!

Thanks for taking care of this and also making the .NETMF library more robust.

I think Colin (at Microsoft) is asleep at the switch for not listening to his customers! :wink:



To round to hundreds



I personally think Colin and Microsoft are doing a lot of work. 4.1 is out to support vs2010 plus many new features. I guess math wasn’t one of the important tasks to them.


Maybe that’s the problem. Colin and the .NETMF guys are too caught up with Microsoft related issues and not listening to the folks that actually use thier products. This is typical of Microsoft as I have been using thier development environment for 15+ years.

Sometimes they hit a home run, other times they really fall flat on thier faces. In this case, not having a decent Math library, was one where they fell.

Again, my hat is off to the GHI guys for picking up the pieces and listening to thier customers.