Question about initial boot text appearing on TE35 screen (FEZ Spider)

When booting up a FEZ Spider with a TE35 module attached, the screen initially displays:

Debug: USB1
LCD: 320x240

I realize that a deployed application can just clear the screen as it begins, but there is a delay during which the text appears before the application takes over. I was wondering if there is any way to prevent this initial text from appearing. Is this coming from the TE35 module driver, from the mainboard, or from NETMF? Is there some property available that can be used to disable this text?


You can do that and you can even load your own logo.

Can’t remember the method name though. Check the GHI library reference please.

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@ Gus -

Thanks for your reply. I know this may sound silly, but could you provide a pointer to the GHI library reference? This sounds like the document I should have been reading all along.


@ Gus -

Never mind. Through a web search, I found it at . Not sure where I should have been looking on the web site to discover this link, but now that I have it, I’m thrilled. Lots of great info there.


Support from the menu above, then netmf.

Lists it there :slight_smile:

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@ Brett -


I found two properties that looked promising, but I suspect that they’re having no effect because they’re getting called too late (in ProgramStarted, rather than during boot). The text messages still appear on the display.

// requires reference to GHI.Hardware
GHI.Processor.Display.ShowBootMessages = false;
GHI.Processor.StartupLogo.Enabled = false;

Two questions:

  1. Which one of these should quiet the text messages, if called at the appropriate time? (Or is there a different property that would quiet the messages?)

  2. Where do I need to set the properly early enough in the process to have an effect?


@ kgcode - The ShowBootupMessages properly will disable the text you are seeing once you call Save and reboot the device if save returns true.


@ John -

Thanks for the clarification. The Save call did the trick.

GHI.Processor.Display.ShowBootMessages = false;
// followed by a reboot, bye-bye boot text

Thanks again.