Question about "HTTP page "

I use Cobra have tried the examples of chapter in “TCP / Web Server Tutorial”.(Link: )

I want to edit a http page, and the http page can access EMX. The data can be transfered between http page.

I have no experience baout http, can anybody give some tips or examples?

Should I download a “Visual Studio Express 2012 für Web”?

We have great HTTP related examples on Codeshare. Have you looked there?

@ workhard10 - For web-based development I still prefer to use Notepad++ (if you don’t mind manual leading indents) and most of all Eclipse Studio (maybe just hard habbits). Also, the total interactions between device and server will depend on your needs and specifications, however, i will try to explain a simple server/device interaction.

Device discovery: if you plan for the interactions to be automated, the server should have a static IP (as the device IP may change) and the device should report to the server via a GET or POST response including the data for the device IP address. From there, you can use PHP if you wish to interact with the device via TCP sockets or the like, or you can use jQuery(JavaScript) if the device will be hosting an HTTP server to parse the interactions with any combination of the document requested and the POST or GET data.

Using the sockets method would cause much less overhead for the device itself because instead of hosting and running the HTTP server code, having it parse the header (which also increases communication latency) and build a header for a response, you will be dealing with a considerably smaller amount of data to be transmitted and parsed.

Example of HTTP communications request to set variable ‘x’ to 13:

GET Request:

[quote]GET /configure/?x=13 HTTP/1.1
Server: Simple NETMF Server Example
Accept-Ranges: none
Connection: close[/quote]

Response to GET request:

[quote]HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: Apache/ (Unix) (Red-Hat/Linux)
Accept-Ranges: none
Content-Length: 438
Connection: close
Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8


POST request is the same as a GET request, except that the post data would follow the “End of Header” instead of being a part of the document query (?x=13).

Raw socket communication would simplify the data down to (depending on how you end up coding it):

This is just to demonstrate the communication logic between server and device, however as Architect said, check the Codeshare for code-wise examples :slight_smile:

@ Architect -
thanks a lot!!

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