Quality testing

So my 10yr old had to create and maintain a vege garden for a school project this term which has been quite fun.

Garden is looking mint and being judged in 2 weeks time. So i just couldn’t help myself :smiley:

Rummaged thru the old parts bin and found a carrier board for Oxygen that is 9-24v powered with 4 highside switches so decided to order some water solenoids and slapped on a BLE to IoT the garden…

I soon found out that Newton’s Third Law is quite real ::slight_smile:


@ Justin - Would that be the law that for every dumb action there is an equally funny youtube video?


@ Mr. John Smith - :clap:

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why did I check the forum at lunch?

PMSL. Luckily it was quiet where I was so didn’t have to explain why to (un)interested onlookers.

If it’s function is to keep you out of the garden then I think i’d call that test a success!

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@ Justin - Did the phone survive? All I could think of as you were pushing the button was the likelihood of the phone taking a dive off the table.

I think this should be on the TV show, The Science of Stupid. :stuck_out_tongue:


@ Justin - Had you not busted your shoulder up, I suspect you would have caught everything. :whistle:

Post some pics of the garden.

@ devhammer - Both Nokia’s survived as well as the electronics :smiley:

@ terrence - yeah, my lightning reflexes are somewhat dull at the moment :whistle:

Pic is the current state, will take some more action footage after electronic modifications are complete ::slight_smile:


I’m still laughing when I see this post…

This is probably a good reason why for prototyping you really only want easy to remove wiring not screw down ones :slight_smile:

PS: Justin, room for a carrier in my next care pack? :slight_smile:

@ Brett - I’m all about the giggles…besides…Stupidity breeds creativity :whistle:

I shall add one to your Beta box and i wont even make you sign up for said Beta :wink:

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