Quality stereo audio output?

I’m new to .NET C# and FEZ. So I wonder, if I could get quality audio with the FEZ Panda and an extra chip? (Coder or DAC?) And where can I find those chips? I couldn’t find much info on SparkFun, the site I use for my purchases.

The idea is to produce some quality waveforms and output to a CODEC or DAC. Can the Panda handle that? :wink:

Also, any good sound-chip you guys like to use? I found a great one, but its only 16khz output, not HQ for my taste. :wink:

Just wondering about this for the time…


Would VLSI1053 or VS1002 chip help?

Our MP3 extension uses VS1002
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High quality MP3 can be easily handled with FEZ since MP3 data rate is not more than 128KBps.

For Wave playback, FEZ Mini already has an analog output that can place uncompressed wav files, but you can not get higher sound quality
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Thanks, but its not what I’m looking for. What I need is audio ouput, created internally, not from a MP3 or WAV file. :wink:


What do you mean? The audio information has to come from somewhere. Do you mean like a synthesizer?

Yup, I want to go nuts with the internal data and just output the results. :wink: Check out www.Wusik.com, its our company, you will get what I mean.

Still, its just talk for now, I’m not doing any projects, just wondering about things…


You can use the vlsi chip with midi built in the generate whatever tones you like

I’m also looking into ways of creating some synthesis, like this:

Maybe I will tag some other stuff into my FEZ Panda. (already placed my order, see my other post) Like a XMOS chip or even a Propeller chip.

But for now, I will focus on my Midi project first, later I will go nuts and see what sort of things I can come up with. :cool:


Fez + propeller will give you amazing results. Search the wiki for fez gameo

Indeed, I just noticed that one out, that’s why I searched for Propeller on the first place.

I have looked TONS of solutions, but all expensive. Propeller + Panda seems to be a great team for some crazy stuff I plan on doing later on. :wink:

Now, I love ordering from SparkFun, is there any other site like that for ordering Propeller chips and sent here in Brazil? (SparkFun has some nice PayPal option, which I only use)


BTW: how about using the CODEC (DAC) used on the following project?

I just couldn’t find out the name of the CODEC he used… :frowning:


Never mind, its here: