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Quadcopter platform?


So, I want to build a NETMF quadcopter. Online I found this kit…

  1. Which features the STM32F1. …I’m partial to the STM32F4, but the pinout is the same right? Can I just swap MPUs and wire that USB connector to the F4? Obviously I want to be able to debug/deploy from USB.

  2. Is there a better kit out there?


Have you seen this:


I’d be leery of the single PCB copters. I’ve read several bad reviews of arms breaking off after only a couple flights. If you do, I’d probably add some carbon fiber supports. I built my own copter out of aluminum. However, I found it too dangerous to keep spending a lot of time with trying to get it running with NETMF. So, I gave in over Christmas and bought a $17 KK (arduino) board and now it flies except for one weird problem. And then there’s the fact that I’m not much of a pilot…

Here’s a little bit about the project mostly from back when I was building the physical parts:


I have been wanting to build a quadcopter using either the Cerberus or the Octopus from IngenuityMicro (Justin), so far I am liking this frame


What if you created a ‘copter’ with autopilot and lets say for the sake of argument you made it strong enough to walk my kids up and down the block while I sat in a chair in my front yard drinking ice tea? If you in your mind were able to say yes to that then feel free to send me private message when you have it built. :whistle:


@ Gary - it’s actually more fun if you just chase your kids with it than trying to lead them. The 1200Kv motors with razor sharp blades are very persuasive. :wink:


@ ianlee74 - lol, the problem is my kids have no fear so I dont think there is any persuading them unless you let them take control and they can chase each other!


@ Gary - You could stick candy to it, so your kids would hunt the copter :smiley:


just sayin…


@ Reinhard Ostermeier - With the attached candy (especially if its kit kat) I might be chasing it! :smiley:


Did somebody say “Kit Kat”?! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


@ Architect - I heard a rumor that those are pretty good.


Yes, that’s the thread that got me going BUT … where’s the link to the PCB and BOM?


Good to know. I wondered how strong those PCB frames were. I was thinking this kit would be a good way to get started, but it’s not exactly what I want. I actually want something larger that can lift ~5oz.

Unlike some of the other attempts I’ve seen, I’m not trying to build a pure NETMF quadcopter. I want to code a “driver” for the thing in native code, then handle high-level navigation commands in managed code.

Anyways, I’ll be learning what I can from your blog. Thanks for the post.




@ untitled - thank you!


I’m not sure how much you’ll learn from my posts. They are very old and much has changed since then. As taylorza pointed out, HobbyKing now has an incredible selection of frames, controller boards, etc. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to build your own frame anymore. I’m going to start designing a replacement for mine that will be 3D printed. But, if I were starting from scratch again I would definitely pay HK $20 for the first frame and be done.

I hope your get your controller board working. I love the idea of having a Raptor powered board that can both do native control and managed intelligence. My plan was basically to use two different boards (KK controller + NETMF board for everything else).