Quadcopter on steroids

Could FEZ handle it? :slight_smile:

Looks very stable and controlled.

“Stable”?! Jeez, it feels the Earth is moving, not the craft…

I meant that the craft wasn’t wobbling, shifting around or oscillating - a very smooth flight.

Obviously wouldn’t want to be standing near it as it was landing! :smiley:

Ah, lots of Atari Lunar Lander flashbacks…

That should be your next R2 addon Samurai!

wouldn’t it be bad to assume that there will be enough oxygen to actually burn the fuel at the same rate as here on earth? assuming this thing will go somewhere in space of course :wink:


I do believe that the oxygen supply is provided by a feed in the jet assembly.

My quadcopter is not on steroids…

Is that the Estes ProtoX? One of our members brought one to our last NashMicro meeting. Very cool toy! Hard to beat it at $40.

Sure is. I don’t know how someone could see it fly and not buy one.

try to get one when have time :))

the only problem is, it has a sound like dentist’s drill.
but really nice to fly