Quadcopter light show

Quite an amount of coordination going on here! The presentation is a bit too theatrical for my tastes, but cool nonetheless!

About 5:51 you can see the copters


From engadget:

[quote]We’ve watched our potential quad-mech overlords from KMel Robotics evolve from agile solo acrobats to worker bees to deft synchronized performers. It seemed only a matter of time before they would hunt down Sarah Connor en masse – or take the show-biz world by storm.

Fortunately for us, the tricky flyers chose to embrace their flamboyant side at a tour-de-force 16-quad lightshow in Cannes, where they opened the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase.

The soaring automatons pulled all their past tricks out of the bag, flying precisely with mirrors to bounce lights from below, all timed to dramatic music --which they also had a hand in controlling. The sparkly treat awaits right after the break.[/quote]

@ mhectorgato - Nice link but… I think this is more impressive, lifting 30.05kg of Beer with a quad - typical crazy kiwis…