QFE2 update failure

New firmware - wicked.
Missus is on the iPad, kids are sorted - update time!
Open the lappie bag…nnnnoooooooooo, hardware is sitting on the office desk!
Bank holiday Monday so no hardware until Tuesday!!!
As HughB said, “its like electronic crack”, my hands are sweeting, I’m irritable, life seems to have no meaning…
And now I’ll have to spend quality time with the missus and kids…
Dam you GHI, dam you…

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It’s not worth it… Run to the office!

Your not wrong there, lunch in Stevenage today me thinks, and I might even take her shopping for 5mins :smiley:
Bit early in the Americas in it?

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Do you think Crack heads sleep LOL… ianlee745 is already hooked on the stuff so most likely his been at it all night :wink:

@ Jay Jay - lol

@ Jay Jay and its not the first time ive Seen Ianlee74 posting super late/early *delete as appropriate :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: A very late night last night finishing getting the QFE2 bits upgraded & tested ready for CoderFaire presentation today. I would normally not do an upgrade like that at such a last minute but this one was certainly worth the effort. What a relief to not have to worry about hitting a reset button and getting a BSOD! I had a good room of 50-60 folks today, most of which had never touched a micro. I think there was a general air of excitement at the end and I’m hopefull that NashMicro will be picking up several more members :slight_smile: Tomorrow is supposed to be a full day of coding. I’m setting up a table with Gadgeteer and will be letting folks get some hands-on. It should be a good day.

You’ve got me pegged… I’ve always considered sleep a waste of time unless my wife is the one getting it :wink: Give me 4-5 hrs and I’m good to go.

Note that while QFE2 is in this release, WinUSB is not yet implemented… You’re still at the mercy of the BSOD.

I just noticed that little blurb in the announcement today. Not sure if it was added later or I just got too excited and didn’t read to the end :slight_smile: Of course, the reason I looked was out of necessity… I was helping a guy at CoderFaire do some Gadgeteer work and in the few hours he was there, he got the BSOD three times. I have yet to have one since the update. So, I suspect some machines are just more prone than others. Still, I eagerly await the WinUSB update.

It wasn’t there initially, I don’t believe.