Q&A testing Justin style

I needed a cough real world test for this boards 24v outputs before it goes out.

So what better idea than some empty bevvies and little 24v solenoids ::slight_smile:

I know i wont get a job as a piano tuner but it must be worth ISO9001 certification :smiley:








Nice control finger there, good thing it wasn’t mounted on the ceiling

I thought we talked about this and how budget could be used to perhaps acquire some samples of fine ales etc in order to test the bottle’s acoustic properties in order to determine if it impacts the quality of the contents. I think most people here would agree that would be a valuable study and hence a good use of budget. Of course the contents would have to be sampled at different level, including the bottom to ensure that changes in acoustic created by differing levels of contents don’t cross any inflection points.


another secrete board ???

Music to my ears!