PWM AC motor with dimmer module

I want to control speed for AC motor (solar power design). I know that many use triacs for this purpose. So I bought this AC dimmer module.
Now I have problems how to set PWM. The AC ouput looks almost the same as input (measurec with oscilloscope). I am thinking that my parameters are incorrect. I am guessing frequency and dutycycle.

I am not sure if I should write to owner or here for some advice, which values should I use in PWM constructor? Any ideas?

Are you sure you’re on the correct channel?

Which board are you using and how have you connect this up?

Yes, I think I am on the correct channel.
People here sure knows a lot of PWM and more of values to use for frequency_Hz, dutyCycle, period, duration, ScaleFactor. I am not event sure witch constructor I should use (MSDN)

I use Cobra II, 3.3 VCC and PWM7 ouput in Cobra II.

Change the 100 to 10,000 to use 10Khz. You are trying to use 100Hz and probably too low for that module.