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Pwm 6?


Ok, just another dumb question…

Looking over the Pandas I got and thinking about what different things I could do, the literature says there are 6 PWM on it, well looking over the brochure for the Panda, one is on the OnBoard LED lite(IO43)?

Am I to assume that I can’t use this other than with the OnBoard LED. There is no plug in on the board to access it.

If that’s the case, what’s the point of making a LED light a PWM, I was kinda hoping for access to all 6 for component use.

Mike in MN


Why do you need 6 PWM?

We use the one on LED to fade the led. I think this is explained in the ebook


Well not exactly sure right now, but set of DC motors forward/reverse(1), set left/right(2), set up/down(3) and also possible tilt(4) and pan(5) (servos). Probably won’t need it.

This is all long term thinking still, just wondering.

So it’s only 5 accessible then?

Mike in MN


You can use output compare to generate pwm on any io. Use this for servos and then you have 5 pwm for 5 motors if you ever that much :slight_smile:


Yeah, me to I was thinking it is a kind of waste to use PWM for the onboard LED


The pin is exposed on mode pin. It is not wasted but since it is also the mode pin, we do not recommend using it till you have used the other pwm pins