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Purchase of components from Russia


Hi everyone! I live in Russia and I want to buy accessories. I’ve seen ways to deliver of the mail (FedEx, UPS). Is it all real, and what difficulties might arise?


is it all real? do you mean to ask if FedEx and UPS ship to Russia? They both deliver internationally, so I would say yes, but it might cost more than the parts you buy at GHI. There are several european customers on this forum who buy from EU distributors to save on shipping and customs delays. Your best bet is to contact GHI directly and ask for details.


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Rimvis is from Lithuania (Литва) he might give you some hints.


Watterott in Germany is a very good supplier , and they seem to ship to the russian federation.


Shipping by postal service is typically the least expensive method (from the US to Russia at least.) If you purchase from the US Priority Mail is the least expensive option that can also be tracked.


Thank you all. So, what I need for order via FedEx? besides card VISA? Do I need to register any documents or all the transactions made ​​through the site GHI? And Sorry for my bad english =)



We provide all the documents required for the export. But each country has its import rules that we are not aware of. So you might need to keep track with your customs when you are expecting a package and maybe they will apply extra fees.


Especially FedEx. They charged me $30 just for doing the paperwork to get my package through customs. Add to that the $8 import tax.


I’m in Australia and face similar high freight charges,

I’ve setup a freight forwarder inside the USa, who can consolidate all my deliveries into one, and then ship USPS!

Helps to have a US address for amazon

try or


Many thanks to Earthed for the tip ! several suppliers don’t ship outside the US (even to here, in Canada ??? ) and everytime I was bothering a friend in Washington DC to do the “forwarding”. I will try one of these services :slight_smile:

#11 is 50/yr membership

$2 per box handling chargecreceived
$8 per consolidated box sent to you
Shipping rates are 1:1 as per USPS
They do use STD box sizes

Pls chech all charges directly yourself
I’m not using lowest tier service

I found too expensive, and more difficult to use USPS rate shipping, but others mAy have a diff experience

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Living in Indonesia getting international shipping for me is best with UPS or DHL. Fedex do deliver here but their handling charges are nearly $50 for me. UPS and DHL handling is only up to $15.

As each has said, check with your local courier company about customs charges. I often ask the shipping company to put the commodity code (HS) on the paperwork and the box label. This helps to avoid customs (not always though) from slapping a higher DUTY rate on the shipment. Depending on how good your customs are, some will charge you the higher DUTY rate on the whole shipment.

I prefer to avoid using standard postal services like USPS form the USA as I can’t track the package and it can take up to 10 weeks to get packages in this country. Check this out first before deciding on the use of USPS etc.

If you don’t mind paying the costs of UPS or DHL then these are the quickest and easiest way to get your goods. They do all the handling for you but you will pay for this over and above the shipping costs. Avoid FEDEX if you can.