PulseCount module does not works with hardware SPI in SDK 2015 pre-release 2

Hi guys,

I just installed GHI NETMF SDK 2015 pre-release 2 and the PulseCount module does not works with hardware SPI anymore.
I’ve found that John Brochue committed (44466bb) in bitbucket repo (https://bitbucket.org/ghi_elect/gadgeteer) on 2014-12-09 with comment “Removed hardware SPI from pulse count and rotary encoder and fixed their product URLs.”
But why ???
Hardware SPI is faster, and a requirement for me. I made a copy of the driver, reverting to hardware SPI, so it’s ok for me, but it seems to me this is not a good move.


@ romain - It was removed to prevent confusion since the module itself is labeled as Y and to match the fact that none of our other modules with software I2C/SPI support hardware.

@ John - thanks for your quick reply. Hardware SPI is a great feature of the module, why not going the other way: correcting the labelling of the module ? Anyway, the website still says S socket.

@ romain - That is a possibility for the future, but we have no current plans for it at the moment. The socket in the catalog has been corrected, thanks.

@ romain - When I did the servo driver for the now discontinued DFRobotics Extender module I came to the conclusion that while a module might be a module, it really isn’t anything until a driver or interface makes it something and so really having multiple drivers for a single module isn’t a bad thing if those drivers provide functionality that folks need. I can understand GHI position of wanting to make it universally easy to use for anyone, but certainly I understand for some folks (myself included) sometimes you just ‘need the speed’. The requirements of the module can be for the most part contained in the driver, so might I suggest you post your driver in the codeshare section or even here: https://wegadgeteer.codeplex.com as an optional second enhanced driver for a useful module.

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