Pulsecount in tinyclr

I have an old project in one Reaper board.

I need make some small changes , but i can’t found the way to work with it with my last source code.

I desperate and start to migrate the project to VS2019 and TinyCLR.

But now i’m not able to found the documentation to integrate my old pulsecount module, to work in the new environment.

can somebody help me, please ??


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do you mean the pulse count Gadgeteer module? http://files.ghielectronics.com/downloads/Schematics/Gadgeteer/Pulse%20Count%20Module%20Schematic.pdf is the schematic. That, in conjunction with the code https://github.com/ghi-electronics/NETMF-Gadgeteer/blob/master/Modules/GHIElectronics/PulseCount/PulseCount_43/PulseCount_43.cs should give you the basics of what you need

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Hi Valon, thanks , but i don’t explain pretty well my problem.

i’m speaking about de pulsecount module.

Hi Brett,

Yes , i'm speaking about the pulsecount gadgeteer module.

i have tried to work with your link, but, my project is in visual studio 2019, with tinyclros, and i think, it's the reason to have a lot of errors with the references when i try to load the project.

do you know how to use the pulsecount module in tinyclrOS???

thanks in advance.

it’s a classic case of… You must convert the code that used to run the pulsecount module, under netmf 4.3 and Gadgeteer, to TinyCLR OS. There are some modules already done, in https://github.com/Gravicode/GadgeteerToTinyCLR/tree/master/TinyApp/GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Gadgeteer/Modules, that you might be able to use or build on.


Hi Brett,

Thanks a lot for the update..

 I have tried it but...., the my installation can't found the correct dll's. 

Must I install something not installed on my computer??

Where can i found the correct dll's ??

thanks in advance.

you should update project to latest DLL-s (both yours and TinyCLR Gadgeter too) so there after to use with TinyCLR 1.0

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Where can i found the correct DLL-s???

by building the source?

Download Nuget Packages for some Modules https://github.com/bauland/TinyClrLib are two better links, but there’s no PulseCount module that @Bauland has put in the repo. So it should be relatively easy for you to grab the code and update it based on this GitHub framework - otherwise the code in any of these modules aren’t mind-blowingly complex so shouldn’t be too much to figure out how to rewrite it yourself