Pulse Oximeter Module

Dear all.
I have get a Pulse Oximeter Module, and I want to connect it to the Cobra board. I try use serial port to communicate with it, however, there is no response.
Is there some body could help me?
Or, where could I get the Pulse Oximeter Module’s data shit?

How are you connecting it?

@ Mike - I connect 3.3v, 5v, GND and RX,TX. Then use serial port to communication.

Are you connecting tx->rx in both directions?

Is this connection via an extender board, with its outgoing port connected to the pulse module? I’m wondering if it’s possible to get the connectors back to front in the wrong side of the socket.

@ Mike - Yes. Where could I find the data sheet of this Pulse Oximeter Module?

@ RorschachUK - I am sorry, I can’t get your idear, could you give me more information. Thanks a lot.

Maybe you could post a photo of how you have it connected?

It’s a Seeed module, so http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/pulse-oximeter-module-net-gadgeteer-compatible-p-975.html?cPath=203 is the authoritative source. It seems there is no official “datasheet”. You only need look at the driver sourcecode though to see how it’s pin connections are meant to be and then you can repeat that on your Cobra

@ mhectorgato - OK. I will try upload the picture.

@ Brett - Thanks for your link. It is a useful link. And I am doing the way you said. I hope it could work normal.