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psst...I have a secret


I was told not to tell you this so I am not!! Joe got TCP server going. Out of everything (TCP client and UDP…etc.), this is the most difficult to handle so from this point on, things will move very quickly :clap:

Get your Ethernet shield and Ethernet cables ready…we will have something very very soon 8)

So, does FEZ Panda (the freakin’ small board) support Ethernet? Yes it does…what about SD cards…yes it does…what makes FEZ Panda limited? Nothing! It is the best thing that ever happened to hobbyists and will really change the projects from xxxduino-blink-LED to something amazing…my personal opinion but I am pretty sure I will have a lot who will agree.

Man, I can’t wait to see those production Pandas :wall:


Shh Gus. Dont get me all excited to late in the week.


Hey Gus,

Do the enet shields you sell have the reset bug fixed from the first generation of Ardunio enet shields?


Nice work :clap: But too late for me :-[

FYI, and since I didn’t know when the Ethernet shield would have had its driver, I’ve ordered and just received this little thing :

It only misses the RJ45 connector onboard, unlike its RS232 sister :frowning: But the small size is still an advantage, I think. The RJ45 connector can be placed elsewhere, “far” from the board if I want.


We will give you support with standard .NET socket that is officially and commercially supported by GHI…oh, and you get that for free! Nothing beats that :slight_smile:


That is freakin’ awesome! :clap:
Will someone add some tutorials too? ;D


tutorials+examples… everything will be freakin’ easy…this is FEZ!

Since this is standard .NET sockets than you can almost take any .NET sockets example and it will work on FEZ so you have already 1000 tutorials on the web


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


that is sweet news.
Love your work!


Great News! :clap:

And I can’t wait to have a new ‘Panda’ to replace this one. :wink:


@ Chris: The driver uses the reset pin so it is a straight forward thing with FEZ Rhino.

But for arduino Ethernet Shield?! Maybe some hardware hacking has to be done to connect the rest pin to one of the GPIOs.
But The chip itself has a software reset. so this might be a solution for this shield. We will do some tests and get back with a solution for sure.


Hi Joe,

I know the Rhino has a direct connection to the reset pin, although that I did want to know is if the Ethernet shield you are selling has the fix (See:


Looking forward to this, I really really do :dance:
Good job guys!



I don’t see a fix in the post you mentioned. What is the problem that have to be fixed anyway?


Joe, here’s another thread on the topic:


We will make sure it reinitialize smoothly