Psst...before I go on vacation

I am leaving in 2 minutes to go on vacation for 2 weeks, but take a look at this! :whistle:

** EDIT *** Click here as well.


Sexy :slight_smile:

Linux, win10 or MF?

Cool products !!

Have a nice holiday ! :slight_smile:

I believe that the 1K pricing for the OSD3358-512M-BAS is ~$30 ? If what I heard is true, I am starting to speculate on the cost of this module.

…but looks exciting.

Linux boot under 10 seconds, is it 10 seconds to prompt ? or X ? , X at 10 will be so awesome that it can start to challenge NETMF … wait is there a way to make the filesystem RO to handle power supply loss :slight_smile:

Guess we will know “soon”

Gary have a good one !


I was right! Yatta.

So I lied, I am not going on vacation, 8), here is the official announcement, [url=][/url]

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People have booted RasPi in single-digit seconds (including one guy who boots it in 3 seconds). How does this module compare to, say, a (still hypothetical) Raspberry Pi 3 compute module?

Even if all things are the same, I would think a solder-on SoM would be preferred over a plug-in SoM for most commercial applications where there’s no foreseeable need to upgrade the chip in the future. It’s nice to have options.

So it’s basically a BeagleBone Black compute module?

That’s the way I read it.

Yes, this is a good way of putting it.