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We have a new FEZ hero :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

Thanks for all your great help so far! This community is AWESOME! :clap:


Congrats Foekie, i look forward to joining you in a few days time hehe.


Congratulations !!!


Yayyyyyyy :dance:



gratz Foekie


Congratulations :slight_smile:




Wow more? good job HERO!


Heroooooooo 8)


Congrats Robert :slight_smile: your next objective is to beat Chris and reach the ultimate rank of NegativeOne!


I want to be NegativeOne (-1) lol :smiley:


My Exp count went to -1 after I became hero for a little while, does that count?


I don’t know, but i sure bet you wish the “last replies in …” was correct:

FEZ Hero
Experience: 14,500
EXP: 13,300
EXP Bonus: 1,200
10 to Next Rank

Always shows you as 10 xp from next rank in replies.


This is not what I see?! I see 10,500 points to next rank


Click reply, Chris in the last replies list as 10xp to next rank. Another one for Josh to fix. Only seems to be chris though. Possibly all fez hero’s have it?


Thanks all! It’s an honor to be here ;D