Proper Name Etiquette

@ Community - There are quite a few of you that I talk to privately as well as on the forum. Is it improper etiquette if I use your real name versus your “internet handle”? I am new to this whole internet thing and I want to make sure I do it properly.

OK with me !!

I don’t care, but username probably is more helpful for others to identify who you are talking to or talking about.

I’d have to agree with @ Architect on that, as I have lots of different identities that I use on different forums/technologies, so Duke Nukem is my Gadgeteer identity, just easier to keep it that way.

My preference: privately - real name (or nickname), publicly - nickname.

Is it too late to erase my real name from your memories and replace with my internet handle? ;D

I am fine with both. :smiley:

My lack of creativity and my total lack of internet survival instinct has led me to use my real name as my handle … everywhere. Feel free to call me anything but late for dinner.

How about GHIgary?

If someone wants their real name then they would have used the real name on the forum. I always try to use the handle they used publicly.

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Two decades to try it out? How’s it been so far? :wink:

You may call me “Stormaggedon, Dark Lord of All”. Or Skewworks. Or Thom. Hey, you! works in a pinch as well.

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Just don’t use my full name “Christopher”, that is reserved for my mother and my wife when I am in trouble and possibly if I land on one of @ Gray’s lists.

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I think by now everybody is on Gray’s (aka Gary’s) list.

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@ Gary - In public, the internet name should be used. In private the Real Name should be used. Do you have a pet name for your wife that you use in bed? Would you use that in public? Similar thing. I use John Smith as an abstraction, like a stage name. Only a few here know my actual name.

I thought we should not use his real name on the public internet!!!

Yip, that was the best excuse I could find for my typo :whistle:


And if used in conjunction with your middle name, you KNOW you’re in trouble (at least that’s how it worked with my mom…). :wink:

My fiance has 2 middle names. I imagine when she was younger it worked something like this:

1st & Last: Trouble
1st middle last: Big trouble
All four? Dead. :smiley:

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[quote=“devhammer”]And if used in conjunction with your middle name, you KNOW you’re in trouble (at least that’s how it worked with my mom…). :wink:

I got so used to hearing my middle name that I finally just adopted it as my first name :wink:

I’m not a fan of being anonymous. So, you’ll always find me anywhere using my real name. If its worth saying, its worth signing your name to. But, I agree about using peoples handles in a public forum. It’s confusing when a name is referenced that isn’t part of the conversation.

@ ianlee74 - I agree, but monikers are not always about anonymity. I doubt anyone here is trying to dodge responsibility for what they say. This isn’t wikileaks. To each their own, but what I say here I say as me (and cross my fingers that I don’t screw up too bad).

And by the way, although I am a newcomer, this kind of thread is exactly why I find this forum and this community to be most excellent.

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