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Hello Gents,
In October I will have chance to attend in the conference about IoT, technologies and business. Conference is organised by business park and startup incubator in Krakow in Poland. I will have also chance to provide 6 hour workshop for students and young engineers interested with technology. I can choose topic of those trainings and I thought about TinyCLR. I have two questions for you. Firstly is it ok for you and whether you are open for such promotion, secondly have you got some training plan, promotion material or anything like that that can increase quality of such training and improve its attractive ?
We have a budget for starter kits so surely some of the starter kit we would like to order at that time. I have got some experience in G30 and G80 so I think that these two products are taken care of.

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Time for me to visit Poland? :sunglasses:

Why don’t we talk directly about this and plan something awesome for your audience? Email me at Gus.issa at GHI.

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