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I don’t know about other more experienced people, but I would like the search on the Wiki to be able to index inside the code zip files. I personally like referring to how other people approach things, so for instance I don’t know jack about ExtendedTimer. I want to find a project that uses ExtendedTimer so I want to use that as my search term. I’m sure someone uses it somewhere, it’s just a royal PITA to download all project files and have Win7 index them for me and search again locally - although that does work well.

This is a good idea, but it might be better suited to the code snippit site, where it can be more easily managed and implemented.

yes, that would be great in the code snippet depot when it arrives… but still, shouldn’t be too hard to put the files in the search index too.

Speaking of code snippet library, it’d be great if there was a “request a snippet” help line :slight_smile:

Yes would be a good idea for the code snippets page, and the request a snippet is also a great idea! :dance:

I also agree for the use in the snippet page or include the snippet page in the search.

Yeah, it probably would be difficult.

The wiki would have to dissect any zip/rar/tar/whatever files and search/index them. That would probably involve a lot of coding. Plus, that would have the be integrated into the wiki search feature, too.

mmmm, depending on the indexer, they often can index content inside archives. But totally depends on what is being used, of which I know nothing, so I’ll just shut up now :slight_smile:

Please no, provide some arguments and ideas ;D