Project - Yet another FTP Client

I just posted Yet another FTP Client on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Cool man! Thank you very much for sharing this. It will definitely be handy. If I may ask… how did your test it? (GSM module or WiFi shield?).

I tested using an Arduino internet shield, however the physical layer of the net should be irrelevant.
Basically this package offers 4 options:
Upload/Download to file/byte array.

Also GetFileSize needed for downloading to a byte array.

All 4 were tested, largest file was about 320K.
Performance can be improved by removing copious Debug.Print messages.

I’m assuming that the user will know that the target file/directory exists so I didn’t bother with a LIST function

Hi Davidh

I wrote the post “” some month ago.

Thank you for cleaning up and extending the implementation.
Your post makes it much more usefull and well documented.