Project - Yes! WiFi RS21 can work with the current 4.2 firmware

Yes! WiFi RS21 can work with the current 4.2 firmware

I’m posting some basic code using the RS21 WiFi module using the current 4.2 firmware. It seems to work with my Android Galaxy Tab 2 tablet. This code is only a ‘proof’ that I can write and read to my tablet using the RS21 WiFi device. I will be using the code to ‘drive’ my robot maybe using the Samsung tablet ‘Tilt/Twist’.

Hope that the code is of some use to somebody out there in TINYCLR land…

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Usage is the application

Have FUN!

Because he displays info on the LCD and you need it to run the example. Looks like it has on screen buttons to press as well.

Dear willgeorge:

Could you share your android source code?