Project - Windows Phone 8.1 Bluetooth controlling NETMF Gadgeteer

@ RoSchmi - My Visual Studio says:
Failed to connect to the device as it is pin locked.

  • Do you know the meaning of this message?

@ Runsen Ma - Did you get it working?

@ RoSchmi - Thank you! I have solved some of the problems and made some successes:
The spider now works indépendently of visual studio with your code and it needs only power. The spider obeys the commands sent by real Windows phone. We can now load your programm to Windows phone from Microsoft store or by visual studio.

The problem is now that we can’t debug the Windows phone code. I suspect that we should use your code with Windows phone emulator to be able to debug. We haven’t very much tried yet debugging the spider code. Could it be so that both codes can only be dubugged with emulators? So, if you could give some hints for debugging it could help us a lot at out present stage of work.


@ Runsen Ma - Thanks for your feedback. I didn’t use emulators at all. I can not remember that I had any problems with debugging the Windows Phone code. Debugging of Gadgeteer applictions usually makes no problems as well.
What is not working? Breakpoints? Showing the content of variables?