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Project - using dynamic HTML Page and Glide to control an IO-Board from 1997


using dynamic HTML Page and Glide to control an IO-Board from 1997

found an old IO-board from Fischer Technik
It used serial communication to the computer
It has:

  • 4 output ports 9V with selectable polarity reversal
  • 8 digital input ports
  • 2 analog input ports 0-5 kOhm converted to a value between 0-1000

first the program has an control panal using glide the show/control

  • motor states using slider to select “turn left” “stop” “turn right”
  • radio buttons to show the digital input ports (on/off - select/unselect)
  • progressbar to show the analog value

secondly the program process a dynamic HTML site to show/control. it has the same functionality using

  • input buttons to control the output ports (the actually state is lighted)
  • table to represent the 8 digital ports (white or lighted)
  • table with variable width to show the analog value

to process the HTML site I manage the code not as string! My HTML builder hold the site as byte field an
manipulate this when values are changed. So I don’t need so mutch slowly string operations and do’nt have to use the Text.UTF8Encoding() every time the site is needed. In the original HTML-page I use lables like “$lenght:key:init$” to mark the dynamic parts. This parts are saved in an hashtable with the “max lenght” and the adress in the byte-field. The program gave key/value pairs to the HTML-builder to change the site.