Project - TemperatureHumidity module driver accept wait miliseconds

TemperatureHumidity module driver accept wait miliseconds

I missed parameter how many miliseconds wait between 2 measurements when using StartContinuousMeasurements method.
I also changed sleep in main loop to ManualResetEvent.

I created drivers based on
You can find installer in MatjazTemperatureHumidity\bin\Release\Installer\MatjazTemperatureHumidity.msi
It automatically adds module to VS toolbox.

Want to make sure it is for this module:

or you have your own module?

Yes of course.

It’s not much, but a little gift back to community. Maybe someone will find it useful not to measure every 3.6 seconds.

Why it doesn’t provide a way to request a synchronous data reading? Can I change the code to have this, or there is some trouble that mandatory requires that data reading is completed with a request/async response event pattern?