Project - SQLite powered Registry

I just posted SQLite powered Registry on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Pretty cool, could be generalized to using an XML file instead/also?

Yes, that’s exactly the plan. The reason I have interfaces for the classes is so anything can be plugged in.

It was developed for my next project. I’ll get an XML version up when I can.

XML version is now available:

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Thanks. Lesson learned: Nice coding style with good design makes reusing components easy! :wink:

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That’s the goal. :slight_smile:

It might also be worth nothing the Registry was written in a way that you can pass it between appdomains without issue.

Now we are at it. I have been thinking if this was possible on extended weak references?

A persistent storage of structured configuration keys?

In there you can extend it anywhere. For EWR you could take that same node structure from the XML version and save it to EWR instead of an XML file on storage.