Project - Single Pin LED Marquee with Gadgeteer FEZ Raptor and CD4017BE

I just posted Single Pin LED Marquee with Gadgeteer FEZ Raptor and CD4017BE on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Finally blogged:


very cool. Love the way you’re describing these (simple) projects as an easy way to start building cool stuff.

Can I ask why you don’t use the breadboard on the BB module but go to the larger external board ? Is it just space ?

Thanks! Encouragement fuels the fire!

Yeah… just space.10 LEDs, the IC, plus wiring. That’s 18 pins in a row. There aren’t enough pins to handle it all. Especially since there are now power rails. It’s also hard to see where the wires begin and end in a picture/video.

I wish there was a breadboard X2 with the half size board:

Even then, I’d probably stick with the big board. It’s so much easier to do stuff.

The reason I asked was if you showed the BB module, or at least part of it, being used it shows more than just using it as a jump-off and that you don’t have to rely on external parts to get cool projects working. For example, just put the chip on the BB module, LEDs on the external ?

It might be confusing as to why I need two breadboards when I really don’t. It might be better to lose the X1 and just use the extender module… which is really all I’m doing.

I like showing that GHI has a product comparable to the makershield. And the X1 is screwed into my board… I’d have to do all painful that work of unscrewing the X1 and replacing it with the extender module. :wink:

However, if you think it really does distract from the message, I’ll pull the X1 out and just use the extender. What do you think? Show the X1 as a “product promotion” or lose it for “clarity”.

Thanks for the feedback!

I don’t really think that it’s critical either way, but perhaps just be conscious of how much space you really need and if possible shrink it to the Breadboard module ?

And maybe it’s worth showing off Breakout or Extender or G-Plug modules at some stage as well, where appropriate ? "We have options, today I chose X because of… "

but all good