Project - Simple sample how create a Dashboard using Fez Spider, Web-API and SignalR

I just posted Simple sample how create a Dashboard using Fez Spider, Web-API and SignalR on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Congratulations with your first code share!

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@ Architect - Thank you :slight_smile:

@ AWSOMEDEVSIGNER - What graphics package did you use or is this within SignalR … ?

@ PiWi -

I used JustGage: (JavaScript plugin)
The data is coming from SignalR, changing the values.

I had some trouble with unpacking and building your codeshare. The MVC app is locked to IIS and I had to edit the csproj file to get it to load

Once that was done and I walked through some of the anonymous SignalR methods and had it refresh the NuGet packages it started to make sense.

It looks good and certainly more detailed than anything I’ve looked at doing myself so far. I hope to extend it to write date to an Azure table and then have a dashboard provide some summary data.

Thanks for sharing.

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@ Jason Sorry about that and thanks for pointing that out. It’s a very simple scenario. The Hub-API is very flexible and can do so much more. But I am glad the sample is helpful. If you have any further questions about SignalR or maybe on other scenarios, please let me know.

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I’m new to SignalR but I already like the responsiveness of it and the realtime nature is perfect for IoT type apps and the gauge will come in very handy. I have my MVC and Web.API project created and connected to SQL using EF Code first. I’m just about to start work on the SignalR stuff and I hope to add the NETMF part of the project later today. I’m currently only working on a simple test project, but once I have all the pieces worked out I can see this growing into something more significant very quickly.

I’ll update this thread with an Azure link soon (I hope).

Thanks again for sharing.

If you have a Pluralsight account and are interested in SignalR take a look at this video series.

It really helped me fill in some gaps.

This is available from MS

and helps supplement what @ AWESOMEDEVSIGNER shares.

Using SignalR and Azure Mobile Services with the uCloudy code from @ ppatierno, with some Azure scripting to call the update on the hub whilst making the data available to browsers and native apps is a really great way to empower people with up to the minute IoT captured data.

This is really great stuff and thanks again to @ AWESOMEDEVSIGNER for his inspiration.

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@ Jason You are very welcome :slight_smile: