Project - Silicon Labs 7020 I2C Temperature/Humidity IC

I just posted Silicon Labs 7020 I2C Temperature/Humidity IC on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Heh, that the same one as used to be on the GHI Temp module, but they didn’t mention the successor.

At least on the product page it says ‘It was equipped with the Si7020 …’ so I wonder a bit …

@ PiWi - Interesting. I’ve never seen that one. The Temp/Humi I have is based on the Sensirion SHT1x. I guess that’s the older one. I didn’t even know it had been superseded.

Never mind, the experience did me good, and I2C is no longer such an unknown.

I’m wondering if you have this code running on ESP8266? I’m using the same device from my friend imp guru at tindie:

It works well on electric imp. I just got my FTDI from ebay, and successfully uploaded code to ESP8266 using Arduino IDE. Getting the Si7020 working was my next step.

I don’t I’m afraid. It’s running on a NETMF board based on the GHI Cerberus firmware.