Project - Pulse Generator for a FEZ Panda 2 (HardWare PWM)

Pulse Generator for a FEZ Panda 2 (HardWare PWM)

The PWM Class that comes in the GHI SDK has some limitations that I wanted to try to overcome. For example it is only good to a frequency of 9 MHz and seems to become a bit unresponsive to sudden changes around 90KHz. The wave form is also a bit distorted when making changed and when at low frequency. I dont want to sound picky and ungrateful, but I just wanted a bit more…

PWM Class also has the same limitation as I have, whereas the PWM Frequency is only capable of one base Frequency and if you set one frequency on one pin with a Duty Cycle of 50% and then reset the Frequency on another pin at a 50% Duty Cycle then the first Pin is changed and no longer has a 50% Duty Cycle because the Base Frequency has changed.

I would like to see the Source Code for the GHI PWM Class…

I have coded this project to try to overcome these limitations. Some are not possible to overcome as its a Chip Limitation and not a Software limitation.

Eventually I want to be able to control the PWM outputs from my Computer through the USB Cable (Virtual Serial Port) or CDC Port.

This project will change with time to eventually “Invent a better Mouse Trap” and hopefully get the PWM on the FEZ Panda II to a very useful implementation…

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Thanks for sharing.

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