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I want to thank everyone for the help, I have largely completed a project that utilizes 2 FEZs so far and I just need to polish the interface and add a few “fluff” features. I love the cases I have for my 2 projects, the only problem being that the larger one is multiple colors.

The all-black case has a FEZ Mini, temp e-block, piezo e-block, 4-digit 7-segment LCD, switch, LED, and an XBee.

The multi-color case has a FEZ Panda II, FEZ Connect, e-block switch, 4x20 LCD, XBee, and a DLink WiFi adapter I had that I wasn’t using for anything else.

There is not much extra space in either case, but it works quite well. The LED and the switch on the all black case required just a tiny bit of drilling on a Lego block that already had a hole in it. There are also blocks inside both cases that hold pieces in place and keep things upright and from touching and shorting each other.

I love having a good excuse to play with my Lego’s again. Thanks FEZ!

Thanks to everyone who helped answer my questions over the last 2 weeks.


Lego to make a case…awesome idea :wink:


Those pictures and comments keep us inspired to work harder :slight_smile: thanks


A lego case! :o Brilliant!


Lego’s as a case isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Yes they are flexible, but there are no Lego’s (that I know of) made for holding a board in place, so you have to set them to apply pressure on opposite sides, or place bricks around all sides so that they don’t have much extra room.

Mounting the displays in a Lego case is a real pain. The 7-segment is a couple millimeters wider than the Lego’s like so the Lego’s are bowed a bit and just slightly separated. The LCD sits behind the opening and I have pressure applied to the sides, and I have a blocker bar in the back. The XBee has a large cavity and has a lot of room to move freely, but thankfully the pressure from the wires is enough to keep it tucked in the far corner of its cavity when the top is on the case.

All that said, I’m surprised that someone hasn’t made products with cases made of Lego’s. It would appeal to every 30-something dweeb out there.


This over 40 something geek was in the “largest LEGO store on the planet” (at Disneyworld) last fall and there was a whole section dedicated to robotics, albeit centered around their NXT controller. They had a kiosk with videos of all kinds of wild kitbashing projects, many of which had elaborate automated sections. I’ve also seen a fully functioning LEGO PC made from laptop parts. The creator of said computational wonder did divulge he had an “in” at LEGO for hard to find pieces.