Project - Olimex ECG / EKG on Cerbuino Bee ( Bluetooth or USB-Serial Transmission)

I just posted Olimex ECG / EKG on Cerbuino Bee ( Bluetooth or USB-Serial Transmission) on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


The YouTube Video actually does not work.
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@ RoSchmi - The warnings got my attention. I understand this is not a toy. In your estimation is there something I should be looking out for with these devices?

It’s a fact, that the definition of what a „medical product" is and which rules have to be observed when you want to sell or use a medical product is regulated by law in most countries. Violations of law may be punishable.
This is to protect custumers from hazards through dangerous devices.
Electrical medical devices therfore have to use special power supplies
with high resistance concerning flashovers or have to use special isolating transformers.
Personally I don‘t have much fear to touch the elecrodes of this ECG module with my fingertips when it is electrically connected to a PC, but I would really not feel good if I had the electrode bands around my wrists and the other around an ankle when I think of the possibilty of a shortcut on my PC giving me 220 Volts. I would not have a good chance to survive.
Another thing that has to be considered are currents on the ground wire.
Another thing is, what happens with your device and PC if you monitor a patient in a critical condition and you see e.g. cardial fibrillation and you decide to use a cardiac defibrillator?

However, if you use a battery as powersupply and bluetooth connection for data transmission and have the device not electrically connected to something else, I cannot imagine that anything could happen.