Project - New Cellular Radio Driver

New Cellular Radio Driver

I did a more stable single transparent Mode TCP Client implementation. It works synchronous (it waits for every answer from the SIM900). And the driver works based on the Statemachine from the SIM900.

Still some Problems:
-It can’t send/receive just a byte array. It’s just possible to send/receive a string message. So you can’t use any crypto.
-you have all the time to close a connection, also if the server closes it. Cause the Statemachine from the driver is to slow to regonize the changing state of the SIM900.

I would love to finish the whole thing, but i can’t find the time for it. If you have any future addition, please send it to me and i will add it. So have fun and if you have any question, just write to me

Hi, looks great I’d love to help. Do you know if it supports Web service calls?

Dear Progressio:

Do you have an example for POST data to a webservice?


yes, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the CellularRadio manager.

I’ve got an example Http GETif that’s any good? I could certainly rustle up a POST for you. The following makes a call to a web service which will respond with the relevant text from the bible!

use your SendDataToServer method, and maybe slightly modify it to allow yourself to supply the host as a parameter

Thanks MW1:
What do you mean "latest version of the CellularRadio manager"
Do you mean Byron’s TCP Cellular Radio Driver?

Little confused. Thanks.

Yes, I think it was updated in march for 4.2 framework