Project - .Net Gadgeteer WiFi controlled robot using FEZ Cerbuino

.Net Gadgeteer WiFi controlled robot using FEZ Cerbuino

I just started writing a series of blog posts on my experiements with controlling a 4WD robot over WiFi using a FEZ Cerbuino and windows socket server. Find out more about what is does and how it does it here

I’ve included the source code for both the netmf client and winforms socket server.

I’ve so far only written the blog posts for the socket server. I’ll be getting the socket client in the next few days. Once that’s finished I hope to add the code to allow my Windows Phone to connect with the socket server too, thus allowing my phone to wirelessly control the robot.

I was inspired by Pete Brown’s blog post and video on CH9 and decided I’d waited long enough to get started on a project of my own. The Windows 8 RT specific code made his demo seem trivial. I’d have to say that doing it on a Windows 7 machine using VS 2010 has proven more problematic that I initially anticipated, but things are working pretty well now.

Check out the source code and let me know what you think of this my first serious blog post and first Codeshare submission.


Congrats with your first sumbimission! Looks good!

Nice job - I like how you are using the display showing the received command.

Thanks for sharing – I recently purchased a FEZ Cerbuino and will be looking at this project as reference!

VERY nice and worth going into the community show case. Give me few days to add.

I have just added the third article in this series that focuses on the code for the FEZ Cerbuino that actually sits on the robot device. Next stop, WP7 control…

Here’s the link to the post