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Motif is an open source, plug-in based, GUI design tool that allows you to drag and drop controls for your application.

Developed for use with the .NET Micro Framework, Motif currently has drop in support for GHI’s Glide with support for Skewworks’ Clix & Tinkr in the works.

You can implement your own system as well by following the example in the MotifGlide project.



Nice project, but I’d probably pick a new name. Motif is trademarked by the OSF, and it’s a GUI toolkit, so you’re probably right in the crosshairs. Remember, with trademarks, the owner MUST vigorously defend it, or lose it. They can’t simply ignore you, they HAVE to come after you.

Wow a quick search reveals 98 trademarks on the word “Motif”. Personally I think it’s a bit silly, but there ya go. I may or may not get around to changing it. Thanks for the heads up.

Nice job!

How about “Moskewwy”!

Motif is currently being recoding and rebranded. It will now be Visual Design Studio.

Clix 2 & Tinkr 2 support
Position & Size persistence (remembers where you put it)
New Project window
Projects now support multiple windows
Windows/Forms are now viewed in a TabDialog allowing you to work on multiple items at once
Controls are now added with Drag & Drop instead of click to add

I expect to have it out in a week or two.

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Here’s a look at the updated UI.

Glide has been fully upgraded to the new interface, drag and drop is online, multiple forms per project, tabs, etc.

Just have those fine details left to go along with porting Clix & Tinkr. :slight_smile:



The colors match the logo!

Very cool indeed

@ mhectorgator - LOL, nothing get’s by you. :wink:

Oh and look, controls inside a tabbed container? I’ll be sending this out for a couple of people to beta test this weekend before making it live.