Project - Marquee Lights using 2x 74HC595

I just posted Marquee Lights using 2x 74HC595 on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


@ wbsimms - Very nice. Loving this series of tutorial projects. Great work!

Just one question…did @ Gary make you do the video sideways? (forgive me…bit of a long-running GHI joke, in case you missed those threads)


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@ devhammer - I wanted badly to say something about it too. :wink:

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Yep. Just couldn’t help myself. Have to maintain my position on “the list,” amirite?

You are not only maintaining your position on the list, you are spawning new lists by the post.

@ wbsiimms, great series of posts btw!

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RE the vertical shoot… my wife said the same thing… she’s a designer and made fun of me as well. I showed her this thread and she had a lot of chuckles.

However, I will not reshoot the video as show of solidarity with @ Gary. :slight_smile: … also I disassembled the project…


Full write up is here:

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Finally, someone on Team @ Gary, :clap:

@ Devhammer @ Architect - Chris was right, I have a whole new special “list” just for the 2 of you!

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A new list?


@ devhammer - smh :wall: