Project Hexapod

[quote] It’s the work of a bunch of hobbyists, engineers and hackers at the Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville, MA where its the big dog amongst a pile of other amazing projects. This is simply an early stage in the building of what will ultimately be one of the largest six-legged robots in the world, dubbed Stompy.

All told some 19 different people are hard at work on the bot as part of an intensive class taught by Gui Cavalcanti, James Whong and Dan Cody at the hacker space that covers everything from metal work, to hydraulics, and, of course, robotics.

When it started in April, the goal was to build a fully functional and rideable hexapod in four months time, by breaking down the project into much simpler to tackle tasks. Now the class is gearing up to enter the final stages, namely, building the full scale mechanical monster.[/quote]

[quote]Ultimately six of them will be connected together to hoist a pair of passengers more than six feet in the air.

When completed the two and a half ton steel terror will be powered by the 135-horsepower propane engine you see above and have a leg span of 17 feet across… or about a lane and a half of traffic.[/quote]

Can’t wait to see a video of that monster! :smiley: