Project - Graphical demo with simple video game

Graphical demo with simple video game

This demo that which ships with EMX DevSys shows the system capability. It was done before glide was born so it is better to remake this demo with glide.

Trying to deploy this to an EMX Developer board. I’m getting “Device not found or cannot be opened - USB:Chipworkx”

I checked all references to make sure they look OK.

Any ideas of what to look at?

Removing and re-adding the


reference should do the trick. You can also remove any code that uses ChipworkX stuff, and remove that reference altogether. This app is for the EMX dev board. I think originally this was for both EMX and ChipworkX (long ago).

Removing and reading the reference didn’t work. I don’t think I can just remove references to Chipworkx as there is quite a bit of code using it in this version.

This was on my EMX board when I got it so I assume there is an EMX compatible version somewhere. Is it available for download anywhere?

Remove the ChipworkX reference. Then when you do a build you will see 4 or five errors in the compile. All of these are for references to Chipworx.Pin.xxxx. Replaces those with EMX.Pin.yyyy. Sorry, I don’t have my EMX with me at the moment to be able to tell you the exact pin mapping but it shouldn’t be hard to figure out.

This sounds like your deployment setting was set for chipworkX. You should change it to EMX inside project properies window