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Project - GHI LedMatrix Bitmap Designer


GHI LedMatrix Bitmap Designer

This is a stand alone C# app of the previous version (that was Microsoft Excel based and required user to have it installed). See for that Excel version.

This app allows you to easily design “bitmaps” for use with GHI’s LedMatrix module. You simply turn on and off each LED by clicking on them in the UI and C# code for the current design is displayed and updated in realtime. Simply copy and paste the code into your app.

This makes it much easier to design a series of bitmaps (such as fonts) and even simple animations.

In the future, you will also be able to save your bitmaps and view/edit them in the future.

Provided is the source code. To use, just open the project in VS 2010 and build/run it. GUI will open and you can start clicking LEDs to toggle them on and off.

Sorry, codeshare doesn’t allow EXE to be uploaded otherwise I would have included a prebuilt one too.


Handy little app!