Project - GHI LedMatrix bitmap builder

GHI LedMatrix bitmap builder

To help create “bitmaps” for GHI’s LedMatrix, I created the attached MS Excel files that allow you to easily build an image and have a line of C# code generated for you for your image.

Two versions are included (use which ever version works for you)…
~ Excel 97-2003 XLS (untested)
~ Excel 2010 XLSX

To use, simply load one of the Excel files and in the LEDMatix grid, simply change 0’s and 1’s as you like, as you do so, you will see a line of C# code being updated. This line of code can be pasted into your program.

Note, do not edit any other cells except the 1’s and 0’s inside the matrix. The Binary column is auto generated and is for reference only. If you try to manually edit them, you will break the formulas.

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Very helpful, thanks for sharing