Project - Game-O Chip-8 Emulator

I just posted Game-O Chip-8 Emulator on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Top contributions as always. Thanks

@ Gus - Thank Gus.

I just posted a video of the Game-O running Brix on the Chip-8 emulator. I know I suck at playing games, but in my defense I was taking video with one hand and trying to play with the other :slight_smile:


Nice project!

@ danibjor - Thank you

I would buy a Game-O just for this if Tetris is awailable… ;D Damn, I have countless of late nights because of the good old Tetris on the original GameBoy :-[

@ danibjor - There is a Chip-8 Tetris, but the implementation by @ Architect specifically for the Game-O would be much better.

Check out his contribution.