Project - Gadgeteer and Motors - Part1 - DC Motors

I just posted Gadgeteer and Motors - Part1 - DC Motors on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.



Thank you… :clap:

Bugger I might need to re-upload it as the sound is a tad out of sync for the demo at the end.

@ Duke Nukem
Very nice! Thanks! Your videos have been a great help. And I see good examples on how to publish a good code-share (Images, image explaining the used components).

I’m going to tweak the audio sync and re-upload it.

hmmmm that is interesting when you try to remove a video where the url no longer exists it gives you an error so you can’t remove it.

@ Duke Nukem Not sure, but I think you can replace the video only, if you want to use the existing URL.

Good job. Thanks!

@ Duke Nukem - I took the liberty to share this with some people I thought would find it interesting, hope you don’t mind! ;D

@ Gary - These videos are fairly trivial for a reason as they are mean as an entry point for people looking for a Gadgeteer/FEZ way of doing things, so I keep them fairly limited. When I get my rover done and if NASA doesn’t swipe it :naughty: I’ll do a video on it (that Raptor board kicks butt).

The next 2 videos have me a tad perplexed as the one on steppers uses the Stepper L6470 Module which now that I’ve had some time to play with it, is a pretty sweet module, so I’m not quite sure what to say about it in the video given its been discontinued. For the video on pulse counters I’m looking for a simple PID so I have a ‘reason’ to demo with pulse counting.

But all means share any of my posted stuff with anyone you think could benefit from it. If you have suggestions for other areas for me to demo or whatever let me know as my mission is the spread the goodness.

@ Duke Nukem - I just watched your video and it is really great. I am looking forward to the others.

@ Duke Nukem - I watched your video which led me to your other videos. I got a little burned out at work this fall and have been waiting for my desire to work with gadgeteer to return. Your videos seem to have done the trick! Thank you! Your descriptions of how things work help to clarify and simplify concepts for me.

Just watched this excellent introduction video, Thanks.

I was going to report the missing video, but I see you already know about it.

The second video in the series, Gadgeteers and Servos


I was thinking of doing a video on PWM frequency selection for DC Motors or ‘Stupid PWM Tricks with DC Motors’ :slight_smile: